Dr. Peter Driscoll Top Techniques For Breast Augmentation

The best breast augmentation procedures are those that result in the most natural looking breasts. The goal is to create a size and shape that complements your body type, while also making you feel confident and comfortable with your new look. There are many different types of implants available today, each with its own unique benefits. We’ll go over some of the more popular options below:

Determining The Right Size For You

For many women, breast size is a very important aspect of their body. It’s about more than looks; it’s about how you feel in your own skin. If you’re considering getting breast implants, the first thing to do is determine what size would be best for you based on your individual needs and goals.

To find out what size might work best for you, Dr. Peter Driscoll recommends visiting a board-certified plastic surgeon who can perform an examination and recommend the appropriate procedure based on measurements taken at that time as well as input from previous patients with similar characteristics (like height). This way there will be no surprises when it comes time for surgery!

Round Vs. TearDrop Shape

If you’re looking to get a round shape, then this is the best option for you. A round implant will give your breasts a more natural appearance and make them look fuller.

If you want to go with a tearDrop shape, then this is the best option for small breasts in particular because it creates more volume without making your chest appear too large or unnatural. Dr. Peter Driscoll This can also help fill out gaps between your breasts that may have been created by weight loss or pregnancy–but remember: no matter what kind of implants you choose, they should never be used as an excuse not to exercise!

Implants Under The Muscle Vs. Under The Breast Skin

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to breast augmentation is whether or not your implants should be placed under the muscle. In this case, “under” means underneath (as opposed to over) your pectoralis major muscle.

The main advantage of going with an implant under the muscle is that it gives your breasts a rounder and fuller shape by creating more volume within them.

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