Dr. Paul Drago provides you with a diet adapted to you and your situation

Dr. Paul Drago takes the time to learn about your case, situation, habits, and health and helps you make a real change in your habits progressively based on scientific studies and real food. It will consider if you are taking medication, your medical situation, and any type of allergy, family illnesses, and medical history.
In addition, it will ask and consider your situation, where you live and what their habits are, your cooking skills, and your culinary tastes, among other things. Everything that can help them creates a personalized diet focused on their needs.
Giving you a standard diet taken from the Internet or photocopied and then not seeing the specialist anymore is not complying with a personalized diet. Dr. Paul Drago knows who you are, what your habits are, what your tastes are, what your situation is like, your possibilities, and your goals. Then, he gives you a diet adapted to your health condition and personal situation.
This famous specialist continuously monitors your progress. It not only considers weight loss but also considers whether you are adapting to the diet if you have to make any changes due to problems, progress with the diet, or even changes in your personal situation.

Achieve goals through food

A good professional should not try to sell you supplements or dietary products, much less as an alternative to food. A good nutritionist like him, Dr. Paul Drago, tries to help you achieve your goals through food and nutrition.
If for whatever reason, food alone cannot meet the required needs, it could be considered as a supplement, but never as an alternative and never first. The main reason for a person to dedicate themselves to making a habit change in how they eat must be their health; you must have the best nutritionist who will always remind you of it.

A professional who takes care of your health

The important thing for him, Dr. Paul Drago, is that we have good habits and care for our health, not how much we weigh. If the professional you go to focuses on your weight, make you feel guilty about not losing weight, or focuses only on how much you weigh, he is not doing his job well, and it is time to change nutritionists.

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