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Full Form UNICEF All Full Forms

Full Form UNICEF All Famous Full Forms -


In this post, we are going to talk about the topic of what Full-Form UNICEF (UNICEF) means. You can read everything in this post about what the word is made of, what its full form is.

That means they are a children's fund company. The full name of the United Nations Children's Emergency Fund is to be created so that the children of all the poor and needy countries will be given a crush. And children in these countries were provided with emergency food and health care that were destroyed as a result of the damage that took place after World War II. UNICEF governments and such and other foundations participated in private donors and helped many children. Some international organizations working to provide relief to those in need and victims around the world. It is in the first place or number one and we cannot control the nature of forces because it was not in the hands of human beings but could prevent natural disasters from occurring. The Foundation began on December 11, 1946. Its headquarters are located in the United States of America, New York. United Nations Children's Emergency Fund and this is a really good and old foundation that is helping a lot of kids today. The Foundation has many offices worldwide. But the original headquarters are in the United States.

Full Form UNICEF

U:     United 
N:     Nations 
I:     Children's 
E:     Emergency 

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