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Basic Full Form in COMPUTER For 2020

Basic Full Form in COMPUTER For 2020 -
Faisal Amin Official

What is the Computer/ Define of Computer?

A computer is an electronic device which accepts data input processes it and convert into useful information output.

At this age, it is very important to have computer information. Because nowadays Basic Full Form in Computer everything is becoming online, this is why it is very important for us to know some important things about the computer. If you have a computer, you need to know. When you ask someone what computer you have. Or what? Then you will have to suffer there. This will increase your knowledge.

So today I will tell you what the full forms of computers are. And I'd like to tell you Basic Full Form in Computer about similar philanthropic forums.

This is what I am going to tell you about forums, I can say for sure. I will definitely mail you here to learn something.

Computers will be quite prominent in the coming time. There are nowadays too. But now the computer is very demanding everywhere, everything is happening on the computer...

For example

Basic Full Form in Computer, When the computer was not invented. How much time is saved in calculating then and now? And there are also numerous computer benefits. By using it we can find great comfort in our lives.


  • C: Common
  • O: Operated
  • M: Machine
  • P: Particularly
  • U: Used
  • T: Technical
  • E: Education
  • R: Research


(Common Operated Machine Particularly Used Technical Education & Research)

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